June 2017 is a month worth remembering.After nearly two months of busy work, our electricity hastily conducted a comprehensive upgrade management system, timely and accurate detailed data, can help us to more efficient JIT production management.

On the other hand, we have established a systematic service system.. We have opened some retail stores in all kinds of cross-border electric business platform , such as Alibaba, Ali-express, Ebay、Wish、Amazon, etc., which helps users to place  orders directly and quickly through the platform , and can monitor logistics progress at any time.

Thanks to the creative advice and hard work of our team members, we have adopted a new warehousing and after-sales service management system, with monthly sales increase by about 15%.

In many countries, old customers are complimenting our feedback on getting more timely, and the delivery time is shorter than before.

In short, we will constantly improve ourselves to provide you with better service and more cost-effective and interesting products. I look forward to further cooperation with the new partners and thank the old partners  for your continued support.
Mutual communication and help will enable us to constantly improve ourselves, thus providing better products and services for users.
HaiQun(E-commerce manager)
Ling(Alibaba senior sales)
Assist the logistics department to check the customer information again before delivery to ensure accurate.
Lucy(Ali - express senior sales)
A beautiful and detailed product introduction page can increase the user's purchase determination
Dragon(Warehouse keeper)
Timely and accurate warehouse data and limited inventory is a direct support for more platform business
Devil(Taobao sales)
Patient, professional and timely after-sales service is our reliable quality
WENDY(Alibaba  sales)
Providing customized products with personalized and fashion sense will bring us more ideas and growth.
Phoenix(Senior offline sales)
As a good team, we need not only KPI, but also mutual love.
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  Z-tac is a Worldwide professional tactical communications equipment manufacturer, designed for airsoft players to provide noise reduction headphones, bone conduction headphones, unilateral headset, wireless headphones, and walkie-talkie, throat mark, data transfer cable, PTT and other tactical communication related products; Z-tac also developed a series of sports headset,like music headphones, labor headphones, wireless headphones, waterproof headset and pickup sounds headphones for other outdoor sports. Our brand is 10 years Industry senior brand, look forward to working with you.