New HD03 Z Tactical Bowman Elite II Headset Waterproof PTT For Kenwood Radios

Z Tactical Bowman Elite II Headset:

Widely used by NATO & military special forces
Designed for active combat and high noise applications
Allow headset to be worn under electronic protection or ear defenders, such as Sordin Supreme Pro
Vented type ear pad, enable peripheral hearing or talk-through audio from electronic hearing protection
Offer a low-profile and vented ear-cup and a flexible microphone boom which is mounted low
3 adjustable suspension straps allow for a comfortable fit and stability

Z Tactical Peltor Press-to-Talk PTT:
For airsoft application
The PTT assembly interfaces low impedance headsets and flight helmets with PRC radios
Moisture-sealed adapter, built into a sturdy shell and can be operated even while wearing heavy gloves
360 degree twistable attachment clamp, make the adapter more flexible
Rust-proof external details, durable in use
Z Tactical Bowman Elite II Headset:
Reinforce polymer construction
Frequency response: 150Hz-500Hz
Sensitivity: 46-60dB
Impedance: 8Ω
Weight: 252g 

Note: Fits for Kenwood 2 Pin two-way radios