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Z-Tactical Hearing Protectors

All the movies, play games, can feel the real battlefield fire explosion, bullets and the voice of the armored vehicle was a "symphony", in this case, the soldiers how to ensure that can hear the radio from the command? And ear hearing will damage the environment, how to reduce the damage?

And to protect the normal ear hearing on general range hood or earplugs is only used to cover your ears, although can reduce incoming ears of gunfire, but also hindered the normal hearing. On the firing range so no problem, but use it on the battlefield is dangerous, because hearing itself is also a kind of enemy spotted and one of the important sense of potential danger. Therefore the battlefield infantry are generally not plug the ear to fight. Shoot indoors however, gunfire echo is much bigger than in the desert, it is easy to will cause damage to hearing, before the return, also will weaken soldiers battlefield awareness.

At that time, there was a man who will want to, can can not only protect the hearing, and shall not affect the perception of ambient sound? So was born the electronic noise cancelling headphones.

In simple terms, this headset is a set of similar to hearing AIDS within this pickup device on sound insulation in the earmuffs. Do not open the electronic switch, is a simple sound insulation cover ears, when turn on the switch, pickup device can put the environment sound recorded down, real-time broadcast inside the headset, so you can compensate for cover ears and the negative effect on the normal hearing. When voice suddenly appeared around noise (such as gunfire or explosion), ear opportunity automatically shut down or reduce the volume, hearing protection.

To this kind of electronic noise cancelling headphones and wireless headset, it can not only protect the hearing, radio response can also more clearly. Because the general type of earplugs or radio receiver form in a noisy battlefield environment also can't hear (this is not difficult to understand, when you're on the phone is too travel around if affect you, you quietly put on ear plugs at home listening to MP3 and in traffic road MP3 player need the volume is different). If you use the electronic noise cancelling headphones for radio communication, in the gunfire rumbling can communicate clearly, but also not hinder you communicate with people around or hear the voices around.

Z - TAC Comtac II tactical pick up noise cancelling headphones

Abroad at present, extensive use of the electronic noise cancelling headphones mainly by special forces, and some stay in the front of radio, such as air and artillery of the former view.

In conventional forces, the conditions of the best per shift is usually a radio, almost can only be equipped to row level even level. Although there are some units according to combat experience and increase the number of radio in the urban street to emergency, but also to win each battle group to one or two units. But in many special forces, usually can be assigned to the radio every stage. The special use of solo radio contact to facilitate real-time in the battle, to coordinate and support each other, and share information, to liberation hands out, natural is commonly use headphones.

Earplugs headphones although light, but also affected by noise. Special forces, on the other hand, should shoulder the task of many indoor melee - not to say that conventional forces would be no need for indoor melee, but special forces in this volume is bigger, also had them at such operations, because they usually can only use the hands of small arms into indoor ROOM CLEAR or hostage rescue, CQB in conventional forces usually can summon a plane or howitzers blow will be cleaning the building. And also mentioned in front, indoor shooting at the time of the echo is much larger than in the wilderness. So when this kind of electronic noise reduction headphones available, many special forces will find its benefits: can not only protect the hearing, and shall not affect the normal hearing, and not only can and when no ?

In addition, there is a side benefit. This headset can not only restore a environmental sound pickup, still can enlarge lower sound compensation, so you can have certain effect to listen to, such as the enemy quietly approaching footsteps, the battle for indoor or penetrating reconnaissance troops is a supporting role.

Those who as a former air force view, it is necessary to coordinate plane in order in the gunfire, batting order, enter the Angle, indicating target, report air effect. And artillery before also instructs the artillery position and impact in gunfire. As for the conventional forces in radio operator, it is between forces and contact each other, coordination between higher and lower bridge, is the indispensable key role in modern war.

Now this kind of electronic noise cancelling headphones also become us special forces in the standard of the radio part. CCTS such as the United States air force, leading to the air strikes is an important task of CCTS, moreover, CCTS in temporary airport is also a temporary tower, the role of the aircraft noise is very big. So the electronic noise cancelling headphones than handset type of call is more suitable for them.

Say so many, you must know the bacteria and to give you recommend a good thing, yes, that's the Z - TAC Comtac II tactical pickup noise cancelling headphones.

Which can receive headsets the voice of the external environment, will not let you change after wearing headphones to hear the voice of the external environment, open noise pickup function need around headphones earmuffs all 5 of section 1.5 V battery, is used to electronic noise component power supply, when a plosive, headset automatically shut down, in order to protect the hearing organ, when blasting sound in the past, headset automatically open back to work.

Put the battery please note was negative, this product does not contain batteries. This is the headsets, socket directly on the military radios, if need docking other specifications walkie-talkies, mobile phones, computers need to purchase another PTT turn interface, pick up noise reduction is not yo refers to completely block the outside sound, can absorb sound!

This headsets head hoop is camouflage cover can be removed, if don't like this camouflage cover cloth cover can also buy other replacement.

Adjustment switch, headphones side two point press at the same time more than 3 seconds to switch the headphones sound pickup noise reduction function, and the left near the headset button, increase the volume; Right button, to reduce the volume, the above functions are all need to install a battery to use! Volume can also use the computer, mobile phone, etc to adjust.

The headset also can be used and FAST helmet! Need to purchase separately helmet guide earphone bracket.

This headset for the version of the socket (6.5 mm) in diameter cannot be directly used on a computer or mobile phone, need to match the special equipment to PTT, which is suitable for mobile phones and computers use the Z - 112 ph connector.

With this adapter to play the game more feeling, can be used like a commando in the game with new equipment, but also the headset more handsome than others; When others took out a variety of headphones listening to music, you can take the handsome edition headphones, not only can listen to music, also can use headphones to talk to someone else.

Product name: Z - TAC Comtac II tactical pick up noise cancelling headphones
Product color: army green
Wearing a way: head type
Noise reduction: active noise reduction
Noise reduction effect, effectively eliminate 95% of plosion, pick up the surrounding environment
Weight (excluding connector) : 700 g
Interface: U.S. military standard 6.5 mm
Battery type: 2 no.5 batteries
Battery life: 20 hours
Usage scenarios: daily phone and computer use, reality CS, military enthusiasts dress up, tie-in use walkie-talkies

Army green

Products include: Z - TAC Comtac II tactical pickup noise cancelling headphones, hard plastic sponge a box
Goods do not contain: Z - 112 ph connector

Road to turn, take it, god of war war a ball together!

The headset is not just men wearing masculine, MOE of the rabbit wearing does not have flavour, another small make up quietly tell you, girls wearing also is very good.

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