staff birthday party in the first half of 2017
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On June 29, 2017, 17, at this time together for our element electronic staff birthday party in 2017, the company held the birthday party is mainly in order to further implement the spirit of "people-oriented", to promote our company's corporate culture, improve employee to enterprise's identity and sense of belonging, make the staff really into the big family of companies, enterprises, for home, and keep more good work attitude, together with the company growth and development, to promote the company enterprise culture construction, to deepen the enterprise culture connotation.

Birthday party formally started, first by our host Liang Ying poem to introduce the leaders and guests present and longevity, the scene applause, the staff of laughter has made the atmosphere of the venue, soar to the highest point, now let's share the sweet and happy birthday, share the beauty of life bloom. Wish the birthday girl in career and life plain sailing, prospect is good, good luck!

The award ceremony

Appreciation for six years of employees in the company and the company passed six years of ups and downs, awarded "loyal employees" title, by the general manager of our Zhu Jiefeng award for our staff. Here, I want to work hard for the enterprise of my heartfelt thanks to all my colleagues and respect!

Game loop

 The host is our Ceng Shaojie game loop. All shy at first, but with less jie actively called for, and employees through lucrative prizes temptation. Finally, we possessed no inner restlessness, have come to participate in this fun and exciting game. The whole game is full of laughter, but also because the game made the move closer to each other, also because this game allows you to relax, temporarily forget the pressure of work.

Today all of our wishes and greetings, and we believe that our longevity are accepted. Thanks to the company to provide such a platform, let us to know each other to know each other, let us remember the joy and warmth of the birthday party, the sincere friendship like mountain stream flows forever in our hearts; Let's make our friendship work with sublimation, the day with bright sunshine always accompany our life every day! Let us bless the birthday girl again in the years to come, good crop weather, but each peace!

Thank you for today's participation, see you in the second half of our birthday party !

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