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Now, wargame is also becoming more popular in China. Wargame is a great outdoor activity that can both work out and increase team cohesion. On April 28, 2017, We (elementairsoft) and friends who love airsoft held a grand wargame  competition in dongguan
First, a beautiful picture.Female gamers are always the most popular

Around 10 a.m., many players are waiting in line to sign in

Our showgirl are awarding souvenirs for all teammates.

The winning team will be awarded the mystery prize in a fierce grouping confrontation.

A player is drawn to our showgirl,and he almost losts his teammates.

A captain with  the z-tac tactical headset is discussing tactics with his teammates.

The players who are ready to play are very enthusiastic, just like the hot sun on their heads.

The girls in the hot sun are preparing to distribute belts for the players

The location of the event was remote, but there were still more than 300 participants.

A potential player is watching the battlefield carefully.

In the fierce battle, who is the last winner?

The aim-o banner, which flutters in the wind, is like cheering for the players.

A Taiwan player wearing z-tac single side tactical headphone  looks  so cool !

Oh my god, our referee was so similar with osama bin laden that all the player keep quiet when he is talking.

The lively lottery, who is the luckiest player?

A man with a ponytail won the first prize, and everyone envied his good luck.

A player wearing the z-tac 111 tactical headset is taking photos.

Take a picture of our working partner and thanks for their hard work under the sun!
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