BEN'S REVIEW:Z-TAC 042 HEADSET airsoft headpone
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Im Ben and I had played the German army fa period of time, but has not been a high quality headset, recently I finally decided to buy one and I had received last night.Now I will share it to  everyone.


The packaging is evry exquisite.

 airsoft headphone

Box on the back, listing the Z-TAC other products,  make me Eager to get a full set of equipment immediately~

 z-tac headset

Complete English manual, description are clear and simple

 military headphones

Thre is a plasic smell When I open it, , but its very light, waiting for a while just OK.


The appearance is simple, which is the right reason I choose it.

 headset review

Military regulations plug


The microphone adjustment deviceof z-tac 042 headset, can be very flexible to adjust.


Microphone jack

 headband of headset

The headband is metal, the elasticity is very good.

Open to, there is to put two AAA batteries, should be put on each side, that is to say to a total of four batteries.


Remove the washer

wargame headset

Overall, this headset is still good, the next step LZ ready to save money into the 148, and finally with PTT. First wrote here, have a good dinner, haha ~

airsoft headset

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