Z-tactical X-62000 HEADSET For Hunting Air Duct Noise Cancelling Headphones Z047

The X-62000 system pairs well with many issued radios and will fit comfortably underneath head gear.
Critical to each SWAT deployment is effective communication—this is especially true when bullets start to fly: operators need the ability to calmly share information, and team leaders and command must have intimate knowledge of what’s happening. If everyone is screaming or if the communications equipment is substandard, that only adds to the chaos. Having stood at the door while hearing gunfire, I know how stressful a lack of communication can be.
Unfortunately, this fact is often overlooked in training and can be the last consideration when departments purchase equipment. Tactical commanders and team leaders struggle with this constantly, and teams are often equipped with handheld microphones, or, worse, substandard headsets that either don’t work or don’t last.
Hearing Problems
Communications equipment designed for SWAT operations is not cheap. I started out as a team leader and later moved into command. We first used throat microphones that lasted forever but just didn’t work for everyone. We subsequently tried several communications systems, the last being in-ear bone sets (team members have recently indicated these are less than stellar, but for me they just got uncomfortable after a couple hours). What we needed was a headset that was comfortable, used a boom microphone, and suppressed the sound of gunfire while transmitting speech clearly.
Ear protection is vital, especially in close quarters. The X-62000 system allows operators to hear vital
intel—not gunfire.
z-tactical BOWMAN Elite II headset