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Noise Reduction Headphones

Noise reduction headphones are special because they help to cut down unwanted ambient sounds. This is achieved with the help of active noise control or ANC technology which involves the use of at least one microphone that is placed very close to the wearer’s ear and which generates signals that can best be described as anti-noise signals. These signals are created with the help of speaker drivers that are located in the headphones and this leads to destructive interference cancelling out ambient sounds.

Noise reduction headphones –listen without needing to raise the volume

With the help of noise reduction headphones it is possible to listen to your favourite music without needing to raise the volume too high. In addition, these headphones are also very useful for helping a person fall asleep when they are travelling in a vehicle where unwanted sounds can disturb them. Aircrafts are a type of vehicle where there are lots of unwanted ambient sounds and use of noise reduction headphones can help in listening to sounds without being disturbed by ambient sounds and it also helps a person fall asleep easily.
z-tac noise reduction headset

ANC technology

Most of the noise reduction headphones that are being sold on the market today are making use of ANC in order to cut out noises at the lower frequency levels. In addition, such noise reduction headphones also make use of soundproof technology with which they can prevent sounds at the higher frequency range from reaching the wearer’s ears. Such an approach is quite good as there is no need to employ complicated technologies with which to cut out unwanted sounds.
noise reduction headset

Used in aircraft and helicopter cockpits

The first noise reduction headphones were introduced to the public in the fifties and were meant to help cut out sounds that are made in the cockpits of aircrafts and also to cut out helicopter noise. The first to come up with noise reduction headphones, Bose Corporation started to work on noise reduction headphones and came up with some useful items in the year 1978. A decade later, this company has gone on to provide the first commercially made noise reduction headphones to the market.

Noise cancelling technologies were developed to help pilots fly their aircraft without being bothered by all the sound that an aircraft makes. Today, noise reduction headphones are widely being used in the airline industry.

Today, most noise reduction headphones are those that are still making use of analogue technologies. Many airlines are also offering noise reduction headphones to their business and first class passengers. Without a doubt, such headphones can play a very important role in cutting down noises and vibrations made by aircraft. Such headphones are also of about the same size as you find when buying a regular headphone.

noise reduction headset
There is however certain limitations to using noise reduction headphones. First of all, these headphones need to consume power which has to be supplied by batteries or by a USB port. Batteries will have to be changed or charged. These headphones also work best for continuous sounds such as humming sounds made by a fridge and are not as effective in cutting out speech and audio signals that change rapidly
noise reduction headset